Aurélie Steunou-Guégan

Founder & Producer - Partner

10 years at the service of audiovisual, cultural and communication, she began as Production Manager of cultural tourism guides. Lili really wanted to share her experiences so she worked also as a lecturer for 4 years at the University of Nanterre. Keen, she has coordinated cultural engineering projects and produced series broadcasted on TV.
Adage: ‘Less is more.’ (Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)
Personality: Sportive, ability to summarize, 24H natural networker

Émilie Parisot

Managing Partner

In the pocket: Business school and Master of International management, she began in the Accor Group. After seven years as distribution, marketing, sales Manager in several countries and strong of this huge experience, Mimie wanted new perspectives. So in 2014 she becomes consultant independent to promote the CSR and SSE.
Adage: ‘Test and Learn.’
Personality: Strategic watch killer, patient, diplomat

Marion Simonot

Financial and Administrative Manager - Partner

Ion it’s ‘only’ 25 years of career as Chief Accountant, Financial and Administrative Manager mainly for advertising and the audiovisual production. In 2006 she makes a 180-degree turn to co-found the production company Ciel de Paris. She has coordinated the financial and administrative there. And numerous anime are broadcasted on TV.
Adage: ‘Mouette and sea!’
Personality: Funny, mischievous, hard worker

Frédéric Steunou

Business Angel

CFO Miami, USA

Jean-Jacques Dépond

Business Angel

Administrative Officer, Ville de Paris